About Barb


Barb Rosenstock likes true stories about real people. She is the author of nonfiction and historical fiction children’s books that combine deep research and playful language to bring history to life. Her book, The Noisy Paint Box, illustrated by Mary Grandpré, received a Caldecott Honor. Other awards include an Orbis Pictus Honor, a Sydney Taylor Honor and the California Library Association Beatty Award as well as numerous national and state recognitions. Barb loves sharing stories and inspiring students in schools and libraries across the country. She lives with her family near Chicago.

Barb’s short bio can be found here, full bio here

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Ten Things About Me

  1. I was born…Jester Barb
    on April Fool’s Day (that says a lot right there).
  2. My favorite place is…
    the library, any library, anywhere. All those stories!
  3. I’m good at…Young Barb sleeping
    sleeping any place, knowing random facts, organizing, reading, talking.
  4. I really love…
    dancing, singing, acting. In honor of the old actress, Sarah Bernhardt, my family called me “Sarah Heartburn” Hmmm, maybe I am a bit over-dramatic.
  5. Sara HeartburnMy best friend would say that I…
    make her laugh. (She makes me laugh too.)
  6. My favorite color is… 
    purple, purple, purple!
  7. My favorite snack is…Cheese popcorn
    cheese popcorn. So, I’m a mess when I snack and write at the same time.
  8. My pets have included…
    Nikkia cat named Jellybean, two parakeets named Billy and Bobby Bird, a yellow finch, an orphaned baby skunk (just ’til he went to a nature center), two geese, a flock of ducks, eight hamsters, and five dogs named: Holly, Spot, Maggie, Abby, and  Nikki.
  9. A great day would include…
    spending time with my family and friends, a big city visit, a concert, a flea market, a movie, a waterfall, some dog kisses, at least ten funny stories and a home-cooked dinner like my Grandma’s pierogis. (Wow, that would be one AMAZING day!)
  10. The best thing that ever happened to me is…
    my family, my pets, my books and meeting you!