Prairie Boy

Frank Lloyd Wright Turns the Heartland into a Home

Prairie Boy: Frank Lloyd Wright Turns the Heartland into a Home

By Barb Rosenstock
Illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal 
Calkins Creek
ISBN: 978-1-629-79440-2

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The early life and creative genius of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, as a maker of American buildings—highlighting his passion, imagination and creativity.

Frank Lloyd Wright loved the Wisconsin prairie where he was born, with its wide-open sky and waves of tall grass. As his family moved across the United States, young Frank found his own home in shapes: rectangles, triangles, half-moons, and circles. So, Frank pursued a career in architecture. Unlike everyone else, he didn’t think the Victorian homes fit the beauty of the land. Using his love of shapes, Frank redesigned the American home inside and out, developing a unique architecture, the Prairie House.

Backmatter includes historical photos, author’s note, quotations, sources, source notes, architectural plans and a photo gallery of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings across America.


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