Sea Without a Shore

Life in the Sargasso

Sea Without a Shore, Life in the Sargasso

By Barb Rosenstock
Illustrated by Katherine Roy 
Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 978-1-324-01607-6

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A single piece of seaweed buoys a fascinating ecosystem.

From bryozoans and snails to shrimps, eels, swordfish, and whales, the Sargasso Sea provides a home to countless types of marine life, thanks to the prevalence of microalgae called sargassum. Following a single blade of this extraordinary seaweed as it grows and spreads, readers see what it provides for the sea’s organisms: a base for hydroids and tube worms to filter and feed, shelter for anemones and nudibranchs and their nutritious waste, hunting grounds for crabs and amphipods, and a source of nourishment and protection for the fish, birds, whales, and reptiles that feed on these smaller creatures.

Through a widening scope on this intricate interdependence, Barb Rosenstock celebrates one of our planet’s most diverse and important ecosystems and the unassuming seaweed that sustains it. Gorgeously illustrated with Katherine Roy’s rich, eye-catching artwork, Sea Without a Shore is as fluid and rhythmic as the currents that shape this tidal home.

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“Clear, punchy prose… [and] carefully drafted naturalistic watercolors.”
— Publishers Weekly

“This deftly told narrative would be grand fun to read aloud… Rosenstock’s concise text exudes energy and makes wonderful use of alliteration… Roy’s gorgeous, watercolor-like illustrations swirl with vibrant hues and would show well to a group. Youngsters will be sucked into this engaging, informative account of a most unusual ecosystem.”
— Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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